• Brent Crude$114.00 -0.16%
  • Natural Gas$4.50 -10.23%
  • Gasoline$3.25 -0.81%
  • Heating Oil$3.40 -0.33%
  • Gold$1976.01 +0.49%
  • Silver$25.88 +0.51%
  • Copper$4.60 +0.38%
  • OPEC$128.50 -0.47%
  • WTI Crude$110.00 -0.14%
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Bridging The Energy Sector: Global Energy Industry Collaboration Hub

Do you find it daunting trying to browse through energy industry companies for collaborations? Are you an energy company looking to sell your products and services to the world? Perhaps you are looking to invest in the energy industry or seeking to promote your business. EEXCOM has brought together all energy-businesses to provide better networking in the industry. We are constantly connecting businesses in the energy industry to allow easier collaborations. Browse through the products, services, companies, job listings, tenders available on the platform to your preference.



EEXCOM provides a suitable B2B platform optimized for easier collaboration and business-relations for the energy industry.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform is exclusively designed and optimized for easy navigation that provides quick access to common features or commands.


Besides connecting companies and businesses in the energy industry, EEXCOM promotes invention and innovation in the sector through the news and blogs.


Search, Select and Collaborate with the energy companies from all over the world. Advertise your company with EEXCOM and increase your leads conversion.


EEXCOM provides an affordable express route to performing business on lower budgets. Enjoy affordable advertisement rates with EEXCOM.


We thrive in honesty and transparency. EEXCOM is dedicated to keeping an updated database of companies, jobs, tenders and products.


All the data you send to EEXCOM is encrypted for your safety and is never shared with third parties.

All Sectors

Oil & Gas

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  • keyboard_arrow_right Construction
  • keyboard_arrow_right Drilling & Field Services
  • keyboard_arrow_right Governments & PSU
  • keyboard_arrow_right Inspection Services
  • keyboard_arrow_right IPM - Project management 


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  • keyboard_arrow_right Automotive and Transportation
  • keyboard_arrow_right Consumer Products
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  • keyboard_arrow_right Environmental Solution
  • keyboard_arrow_right Governments & PSU
  • keyboard_arrow_right Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • keyboard_arrow_right Mining
  • keyboard_arrow_right Nuclear


  • keyboard_arrow_right Biofuel
  • keyboard_arrow_right Energy Storage
  • keyboard_arrow_right Geothermal
  • keyboard_arrow_right Governments & PSU
  • keyboard_arrow_right Hydro
  • keyboard_arrow_right Solar

Energy Trading

  • keyboard_arrow_right Crude Oil Trading
  • keyboard_arrow_right Gas Products Trading
  • keyboard_arrow_right Petro Chemical Products Trading
  • keyboard_arrow_right Refined Products Trading
  • keyboard_arrow_right Sulphur Trading


  • keyboard_arrow_right Collection, Distribution & Supply
  • keyboard_arrow_right Recycle & Reuse of Wastewater
  • keyboard_arrow_right Wastewater & Sewage Treatment
  • keyboard_arrow_right Water Treatment


  • keyboard_arrow_right Electrical
  • keyboard_arrow_right EPC
  • keyboard_arrow_right Oil & Gas
  • keyboard_arrow_right Petrochemicals
  • keyboard_arrow_right Renewable
  • keyboard_arrow_right Ship Building

Logistics & Transportation

  • keyboard_arrow_right Air Support
  • keyboard_arrow_right Freight Clearance & Forwarding
  • keyboard_arrow_right Land Support
  • keyboard_arrow_right Marine Support

IT & Communication

  • keyboard_arrow_right Cyber Security Solution
  • keyboard_arrow_right Information Security
  • keyboard_arrow_right IT Hardware and Software
  • keyboard_arrow_right Security Training
  • keyboard_arrow_right Surveillance System
  • keyboard_arrow_right Wireless Communication

Investment & Banking

  • keyboard_arrow_right Banking Services
  • keyboard_arrow_right Country Pavilion
  • keyboard_arrow_right Financial Services
  • keyboard_arrow_right Investors

Energy Insurance

  • keyboard_arrow_right Aviation Insurance
  • keyboard_arrow_right Facilities Insurance
  • keyboard_arrow_right Fire and Safety Insurance

More About Us

  • keyboard_arrow_rightSpecially Designed for Energy Businesses

    In a Unique and transforming design, Energy Exhibit and Connect Complex has narrowed down to energy-related companies providing different services. EEXCOM has built a platform to foster innovation, invention and collaboration in the energy sector. Register find any energy-related company and network.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightAll in One - Easy to Operate - B2B Platform

    In a world of steadily increasing technology, many if not all companies have migrated digital. Finding a specific energy-related company from a pool of billions of sites on the internet can be quite tiresome. EEXCOM is an oasis that brings together all companies and businesses in the convenience’s energy technology business. Find all you need in one place, in a user-friendly interface. We are better together!

  • keyboard_arrow_rightInformation Hub for Energy and Support Industries

    EEXCOM platform has a resource section that keeps your energy technology knowledge checked, with the latest news, articles and latest inventions.

  • keyboard_arrow_rightJoin, Explore & Energize Your Business

    Now that you have a thriving business, advertise your business on our platform and increase your audience reach, leads and conversions. Browse through for potential business collaborators, partners and employers in the energy sector.


Promote Your Company in the Energy Sector

Our main goal at EEXCOM is to bridge the gap between different sectors in the energy industry for better collaborations. Our platform is designed to help professionals in the energy sector connect, collaborate, share their insights and experience to advance their business vocations. Registration is available to experts working at companies and organizations supporting the energy sector. Your prospective employer/partner/customer in business is only one click away.

Our Esteemed Customers
  • AJO Trading
  • Xiamen Lynsa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
  • SafeAct Energy

Establish your online presence and network with different energy operators & service providers. Collaboration is growth and growth guarantees survival. Thrive today with EEXCOM!

Recent Listed
  • Wuhan Weyeah Power Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Hebei Lianda Filter Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Anrich Allianz Holdings Limited
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