• Brent Crude$114.00 -0.16%
  • Natural Gas$4.50 -10.23%
  • Gasoline$3.25 -0.81%
  • Heating Oil$3.40 -0.33%
  • Gold$1976.01 +0.49%
  • Silver$25.88 +0.51%
  • Copper$4.60 +0.38%
  • OPEC$128.50 -0.47%
  • WTI Crude$110.00 -0.14%

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals

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Emirates National Oil Company

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Dubai,  United Arab Emirates

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Company Profile

  • Country

    United Arab Emirates
  • Employees

    9000+ people
  • Incorporation Year

  • Annual Revenue (Year)

    14 Billion USD
  • Web web

  • Total Assets Value

    25 Billion USD
  • Career career

  • Global Presence


Who we are

ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) is one of the leading integrated international oil and gas players operating across the energy sector value chain as a wholly-owned entity of the Government of Dubai. ENOC was initially established in 1993 and is integral to the Emirate’s success. ENOC owns and operates assets in the fields of exploration and production, supply and operations, terminals, fuel retail, aviation fuel, and petroleum products for commercial and industrial use.

What we do

ENOC offers a comprehensive range of products catering to customer requirements across various industries and markets, both in the UAE and further afield in the Middle East region. By covering the management, operations, and sales of products such as jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), lubricants, bulk fuel, and alternative fuel such as compressed natural gas (CNG), ENOC is committed to providing products of the highest quality, adhering to all international safety and quality standards.

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