• Brent Crude$114.00 -0.16%
  • Natural Gas$4.50 -10.23%
  • Gasoline$3.25 -0.81%
  • Heating Oil$3.40 -0.33%
  • Gold$1976.01 +0.49%
  • Silver$25.88 +0.51%
  • Copper$4.60 +0.38%
  • OPEC$128.50 -0.47%
  • WTI Crude$110.00 -0.14%

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals

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Kuala Lumpur City Centre,  Malaysia

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Company Profile

  • Country

  • Employees

    47,669  people
  • Incorporation Year

  • Annual Revenue (Year)

    46.06 billion USD
  • Web web

  • Total Assets Value

    144.43 billion USD
  • Career career

  • Global Presence

    Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Italy, Japan, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, United Kingdom, Myanmar, Germany, India, Austria, Sudan, South Sudan, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Indonesia, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Brunei, Poland, Netherlands

Who we are

Incorporated in 1974, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) is a global energy and solutions company, ranked amongst the largest corporations on Fortune Global 500. Its technology is its differentiator and the way to ensure excellence in all that the Company offers, i.e., energy, products, and solutions, and unlocking new business frontiers. Sustainability is at the core of everything that PETRONAS does, as it believes in harnessing the good in energy to add quality to everyday lives. PETRONAS believes in progressing with its partners in addressing the evolving needs in today’s changing energy landscape.

What we do

PETRONAS seeks opportunities in energy investments both in hydrocarbon and renewables across the globe and maximizes value through its integrated business model. The Company's portfolio incorporates conventional and unconventional resources as well as a diverse range of fuel lubricants, and petrochemical products. This is further strengthened with a successful product delivery track record. All its customers are at the heart of everything that the Company does and its businesses are anchored on meeting their needs.

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