• Brent Crude$114.00 -0.16%
  • Natural Gas$4.50 -10.23%
  • Gasoline$3.25 -0.81%
  • Heating Oil$3.40 -0.33%
  • Gold$1976.01 +0.49%
  • Silver$25.88 +0.51%
  • Copper$4.60 +0.38%
  • OPEC$128.50 -0.47%
  • WTI Crude$110.00 -0.14%

Oil & Gas

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Punj Lloyd Upstream Limited

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Gurgaon ,  India

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Company Profile

  • Country

  • Employees

    8,775+ people
  • Corporate Video video

  • Incorporation Year

  • Annual Revenue (Year)

    780 Million USD
  • Web web

  • Total Assets Value

    1.6 Billion USD
  • Career career

  • Global Presence

    Malaysia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, United Arab Emirates

Who we are

Punj Lloyd is an Indian engineering procurement and construction contractor providing services for the energy, infrastructure, and defense sectors. The company's operations are spread across the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia, and Europe. The group incorporates more than 50 subsidiaries and has executed numerous projects in over 60 nations. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, and its stock is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India.

What we do

Punj Lloyd Upstream Ltd. was incorporated on 04 April 2007. It is involved in the Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas which includes liquefaction or regasification of natural gas for the purposes of transport and production at the mining sites of hydrocarbons from oil or gas fields.

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