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Taka Solutions

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Dubai,  United Arab Emirates

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Company Profile

  • Country

    United Arab Emirates
  • Employees

    27 people
  • Incorporation Year

  • Annual Revenue (Year)

    5 Million USD
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Who we are

Taka Solutions is a technology, engineering, and finance company that uses vendor-agnostic engineering to deliver comprehensive energy efficiency and technology upgrades to optimize building energy use. The Company helps to building owners, managers, investors, and tenants across all building types, sizes, and ages reduce costs and carbon impact and increase asset profitability and value. This creates positive economic, environmental, and social impacts. It uses an innovative paid-from-savings business model with no capital cost for customers. All expenses are paid from the savings generated from the project based on performance.

What we do

Taka Solutions utilizes the latest technologies and engineering to deliver comprehensive energy solutions that improve energy and water efficiency, decrease carbon impact and saves money.  The Company does all of this by using an innovative paid-from-savings model. Energy performance contracts allow upgrades to be completely paid for by the savings created by the enhancements. In doing this it reduces the energy expenses of the building, enhances the quality of the air, environment as well as improves the overall value of the asset with no capital expense for the customer.

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