• Brent Crude$114.00 -0.16%
  • Natural Gas$4.50 -10.23%
  • Gasoline$3.25 -0.81%
  • Heating Oil$3.40 -0.33%
  • Gold$1976.01 +0.49%
  • Silver$25.88 +0.51%
  • Copper$4.60 +0.38%
  • OPEC$128.50 -0.47%
  • WTI Crude$110.00 -0.14%

Oil & Gas, Water

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Houston,  United States

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Company Profile

  • Country

    United States
  • Employees

    6,600 people
  • Incorporation Year

  • Annual Revenue (Year)

    3.088 billion USD
  • Web web

  • Total Assets Value

    24.105 billion USD
  • Career career

  • Global Presence

    Australia, Angola, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Hungary, India, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia

Who we are

Incorporated in 1973, Transocean Ltd. is the world's largest offshore drilling contractor based on revenue and is situated in Vernier, Switzerland. In 2010, the Company was implicated in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill which resulted in the explosion of one of its oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. In 2019, Royal Dutch Shell accounted for 26% of the company's revenues, while Equinor accounted for 21% of the company's revenues, and Chevron accounted for 17% of the company's revenues. Transocean has its offices in 20 countries, including Canada, the United States, Norway, Scotland, India, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

What we do

Transocean owns or has partial ownership interests in, and operates a fleet of 37 mobile offshore drilling units comprising of 27 ultra-deepwater floaters, and 10 harsh environment floaters. In addition, Transocean is constructing two ultra-deepwater drillships. For generations, Transocean and its legacy companies have driven the offshore drilling industry with the most innovative and sophisticated technology, and the people that put it to record-setting use. From the first mobile jackup rig and the first drillship, both in the 1950s, to the 2016 drillships that incorporate it is designed and patented Active Power Compensation hybrid system, the Company is still pushing the curve.

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