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To decarbonize its economy, India turns to green hydrogen in a bid
IT & Communication | 12 March 2021

India's recently discovered spotlight on "green hydrogen" has gotten a lift, with a new collaboration between two firms that will be aiming to install production facilities in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Nasdaq- listed Fusion Fuel Green, which has its offices in Ireland and Portugal, in an announcement towards the end of last week, said that it had signed to an arrangement with BGR Energy Systems which is an engineering, procurement and construction firm whose corporate headquarters are in Chennai.

The agreement is centred around the improvement of green hydrogen projects in India, with the organizations hoping to set up a demonstration facility in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, later this year. The facility set to be built in Tamil Nadu will utilize proprietary technology from Fusion Fuel Green which produces hydrogen utilizing solar energy. Following the foundation of the underlying plant, the companies will be focusing on developing and improving bigger projects in the region.

As per Fusion Fuel Green, these will be centred around providing hydrogen "for the creation of green ammonia and bio-ethanol." Furthermore, it's conceived that hydrogen will be utilized "as a feedstock for other heavy industrial applications."

A concise manual for hydrogen

Portrayed by the International Energy Agency as a “versatile energy carrier," hydrogen has an assorted scope of utilizations and can be sent in sectors such as industry and transport. Examples of its utilization in the latter incorporate trains, planes, cars, and buses powered using hydrogen fuel-cells. Hydrogen can be produced in various manners. One technique incorporates utilizing electrolysis, with electric current splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen.

If the electricity utilized in the process comes from a renewable source, for example, wind or solar then it’s termed "green" or " renewable” hydrogen.

Right now, by far most of the hydrogen generation depends on fossil fuels, which thusly affects the environment. The IEA has said that hydrogen production is liable for approximately 830 million metric huge loads of carbon dioxide every year.

The so-called "blue hydrogen" alludes to hydrogen produced utilizing fossil fuels, normally flammable gas, with the related emissions captured and stored. Green hydrogen which is at present costly to produce, accounted for only 0.1% of overall hydrogen production in 2020, as per Wood Mackenzie.

India’s sole objective

According to remarks from people in power, green hydrogen could well play a significant role in India's future. In a speech last November, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his nation was proposing to launch what he depicted as “a comprehensive National Hydrogen Energy Mission.”

Taking a look at the bigger picture concerning energy, India's government will be targeting 450 gigawatts of renewable capacity by the next decade. The ambition to turn into a more sustainable nation addresses a critical challenge as India is the planet's third greatest producer of greenhouse gases, with just China and the U.S. ahead of it.

A Magnificent Outcome Predicted

Fusion Fuel Green isn't the solitary European firm endeavoring to acquire a foothold in India’s hydrogen sector. In February, India's Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas said that a statement of intent had been endorsed between Indian Oil and Greenstat Hydrogen India, a subsidiary of Norwegian energy company Greenstat, to build up a Center of Excellence on Hydrogen.

As per the ministry, the focal point of excellence "will be a vehicle for advancing R&D projects in Green and Blue Hydrogen among Norwegian and Indian R&D institutions/universities.”


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