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Green Hydrogen Initiative To Be Launched Across Europe
Petrochemicals | 15 February 2021

After two years of research, testing and confidential preparation, a group of 30 pioneering European energy players officially launch ‘HyDeal Ambition’ with the sole aim of delivering 100% green hydrogen across Europe at €1.5/kg before 2030.

The production of green hydrogen generated from Solar-driven Electrolysis will begin in 2022 from the Iberian Peninsula. The principal objective being is to achieve 95 GW (gigawatts) of solar and 67 GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030 to deliver 3.6 million tons of green hydrogen to users in the energy, industry and mobility sectors via the gas transmission and storage network, the energy equivalent of 1.5 months of oil consumption in France. A step-by-step approach is awaited with first deliveries in Spain and the Southwest of France succeeded by an extension regarding the East of France and later Germany.

Industrial innovation is proceeding beyond the simple production of truly green or climate-friendly energy. It lies particularly, in the price to be delivered to customers at fossil fuel parity, making the transition to a carbon-neutral economy have an apparent perspective.

A sequence of projects and partnerships that are presently being launched will be involving a specific number of the 30 participants of the HyDeal Ambition, with a first initiative contemplated within a year in Spain, besides the launch of a set of solar installations with a capacity close to 10 GW.

Thierry Lepercq, spokesperson for HyDeal said, "HyDeal Ambition brings together visionary CEOs and entrepreneurs, who share the determination to quicken the energy transition. HyDeal Ambition comprises a complete industrial ecosystem covering the whole green hydrogen value chain (upstream, midstream, downstream, finance), and results from two years of research, analysis, modelling, feasibility studies and contract design. HyDeal Ambition is making it possible to produce and deliver competitive green hydrogen in Europe”.

Participants comprise of:

  • Solar developers: DH2/Dhamma Energy (Spain), Qair (France), Falck Renewables (Italy).
  • Electrolysis OEMs, engineering and EPC providers: VINCI Construction (France), McPhy Energy (France).
  • Gas TSOs: Enagás (Spain), OGE (Germany), GRTgaz (France), SNAM (Italy), Teréga (France).
  • Energy and industrial groups: Gazel Energie, subsidiary of EPH (France), HDF Energie (France) Naturgy (Spain).
  • Infrastructure funds: Cube, Meridiam, Marguerite.
  • Consultants and advisors: European Investment Bank, Corporate Value Associates (CVA), Clifford Chance, Cranmore Partners, Finergreen, Envision Digital, Energy Web.


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