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  • Biggest U.S. Airlines are all set to Discuss Renewable Fuels with White House

Biggest U.S. Airlines are all set to Discuss Renewable Fuels with White House
Renewables | 25 February 2021

The CEOs of the biggest airlines in the United States are set to meet virtually with the White House National Climate Adviser and a financial adviser to the President to discuss ways to reduce their carbon footprint, Reuters reports, referring to unnamed sources.

The chief executives of United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Southwest Airlines are included among the participants in the meeting held with National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy and financial adviser Brian Deese.

As indicated by the report, the topics of discussion will include switching to renewable fuels to restrict carbon dioxide emissions from air travel.

Recently, Reuters announced that the airlines had partnered with biofuels producers to campaign the Biden administration for a considerable increase in biofuels subsidies, arguing that this would assist them with recuperating the pandemic all the more quickly and all the more greenly.

Nonetheless, biofuels for aircraft, produced using waste oils, including cooking oil and animal fat are significantly more expensive than oil derived from jet fuel, and airlines are in no position to pay for such a switch. The government, then again, could pay for the more expensive fuel, which will be three to four times costlier than jet fuel, passing part or the entirety of this extra cost to taxpayers.

The news highlights the significance of strong government support for emission-reduction initiatives and plans. The talks between the aircraft CEOs and the White House advisers are part of a more extensive exertion by the administration to draw in with various industries and government agencies on President Biden's energy plan.

Concerning airlines, Reuters noted in one of its reports that the National Air Transportation Association had scheduled a meeting with the Federal Aviation Administration to discuss a biofuels incentive of $2 per gallon.

As indicated by analysts, this would be among the most expensive government incentives in the United States.


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