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Enel Green Power to acquire solar projects from Arena Power
Renewables | 08 March 2021

Enel Green Power España (EGPE) has attained a photovoltaic portfolio of 519 MW (megawatts) from the Spanish developer Arena Power. The portfolio will be incorporating 11 projects that are being developed in the province of Huelva. Construction is assumed to commence in 2022 and operations in 2024. EGPE has likewise recently started work on its first solar-based park in San Antonio, in the city of Huelva, Spain, with 30 MW of capacity and investment of €18 million, making 100 positions during the construction time frame.

The 11 projects shaping this bunch are on six sites in the province of Huelva: Palma del Condado, Gibraleón, Trigueros, San Juan del Puerto, Beas and Niebla. All of them will clear the power generated and have a capacity to supply electricity to around 305,000 homes by a solitary transmission line, which will be associated with the Palos substation. This substation is situated in the Huelva Industrial Park, one of the largest energy-consuming industrial centers in Spain.

The substation will meet the energy prerequisites of the chemical, oil, and metallurgical center in Huelva, which has 18 organizations and 19 large industrial facilities. The combination of the greatest degrees of solar radiation in continental Europe and the large local consumption make this bunch perhaps the most alluring portfolios in Spain. EGPE will hence be assisting with decarbonizing part of the energy consumption of this group, avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of 515,134.66 t of CO2 approximately.

The solar farms purchased by Enel Green Power address an investment of around €350 million, including the acquisition cost of the projects and their construction and start-up. They will produce 1250 jobs during the construction stage and 26 during ensuing operation and maintenance.

Also, the renewable power will be operational and prepared to feed the green hydrogen production project introduced by EGPE to the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge in the long run.

EGPE had an entire installed capacity of renewables of 7800 MW and a project portfolio of 41,800 MW in Spain at the end of 2020. The installed capacity incorporated 4,45 MW of hydraulic power; 2422 MW of wind power; 609 MW of solar power; and 3 MW of other renewable sources. It is one of the pioneers in the energy transition process in Spain. The 2021 - 2023 strategic plan includes the improvement through EGPE of 3900 MW of new renewable capacity in Spain (3000 MW PV and 900 MW wind), with an associated investment of €3.3 billion.

In December 2020, Enel Green Power started up to four PV plants in Andalusia, Spain, in the regions of Seville and Malaga, with 186 MW of limit. This puts Enel Green Power's all-out operational renewable capacity limit in Andalusia at the end of a year ago at 1611.29 MW (1020.41 MW hydroelectric, 333.92 MW wind, 256.5 MW PV, and 0.46 MW biomass). EGPE is likewise building 80 MW of solar PV in the Sol de Casaquemada projects in Sanlúcar la Mayor (region of Seville) and San Antonio in the city of Huelva. At last, the essential methodology for the construction of six more solar PV farms are at the place of completion. Their construction will start soon in Malaga and Seville, contributing a further 251.5 MW of clean energy.

Altogether, Enel Green Power's renewable subsidiary has a sum of 517.5 MW of capacity, either under development, at an advanced phase of earlier administrative processing, or recently started-up in the community, addressing a firm way towards decarbonization.

This arrangement is additionally the first transaction by Arena Power, which is as of now working with a 1 GW pipeline in Spain. The organization was created in 2019 with the sole objective of turning into an independent power producer (IPP) in Spanish renewable energy markets and hydrogen stockpiling. It received advice during the deal from ATA Renewables (Technical), Ramón and Cajal (Legal), CMS (Regulatory), Garrido (Tax), and Voltiq (Financial). Following the procurement, the organization will proceed with EGPE's improvement interaction until all the projects accomplish the situation of ready for construction.

Enel Green Power is a part of the Enel Group appointed for the development and operation of renewables around the world, with the companionship of Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. It is a worldwide innovator in environmentally friendly power energy and has an installed capacity of around 49 GW, with an aged blend that incorporates wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric.


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