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  • Fortescue Future Industries and Acu Superport unite to develop green hydrogen plant in Brazil

Fortescue Future Industries and Acu Superport unite to develop green hydrogen plant in Brazil
Renewables | 20 March 2021

Fortescue Future Industries Pty Ltd (FFI), a completely claimed subsidiary of Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (Fortescue), and Porto do Açu Operações S.A. (Port of Açu), a subsidiary of Prumo Logistica S.A. (Prumo), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to evaluate the opportunity to develop hydrogen-based green industrial projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Signed in late February, the MoU will consider FFI and Port of Açu to direct conduct development studies on the feasibility of installing a green hydrogen plant at Port of Açu, Latin America's biggest privately owned deep-water port-industrial complex.

Subject to the result of the studies, the venture envisages the construction of a 300-megawatt capacity green hydrogen plant at Port of Açu, with the potential to deliver 250,000 TPY of green ammonia.

The MOU additionally lays the basis for onsite solar power development projects, just as the offshore wind development projects in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo.

“FFI is surveying renewable energy and green hydrogen opportunities worldwide and will lead and drive the green energy and product industry as we transition away from fossil fuels,” said FFI CEO, Julie Shuttleworth.

She further added that she is eager to report this MOU with Port of Acu. This opportunity to establish totally new and future large-scale industries will drive growth in the Brazilian economy, “We anticipate the potential for new green industries at Port of Acu to substantially diversify, broaden and deepen Brazil’s already skilled workforce.”

Jose Firmo, CEO of the Port of Açu, said “The Port of Açu is sailing unfalteringly ahead towards the sustainable economy of the future. One of the mainstays of our vision for the port's industrialization are the present operational energy transition projects and the renewable energy-fuelled green industries of tomorrow.”

He said that it is elating to team up with a global accomplice of this caliber on such a particularly visionary venture. This is going to be the first green hydrogen plant in the country and will put FFI and Acu at the upfront of clean energy production and the green industrialization of Brazil.

Subject to the culmination of feasibility studies and approvals, individual projects will be developed by FFI with ownership and project finance sources to be independently secured without a plan of action to Fortescue.

Prumo is a private Brazilian organization controlled by EIG, an institutional investor in the global energy sector.


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