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Snam And Hera Join In The Green Hydrogen Collaboration
Renewables | 26 February 2021

Snam and Hera have declared that they have marked a Letter of Intent (LOI) for a technological collaboration that aims towards developing hydrogen for the companies' zones of action.

The aim is to test and eventually implement various solutions able to respond to the decarbonization needs of the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy, in a cross-cutting way, from creation to versatility to singular residents.

This arrangement will likewise add to the advancement of sustainable power sources in the nation, following the rules set out by the EU.

The agreement includes a few regions of activity, beginning from the collaboration on power-to-gas technology. In particular, an inventive plant is at a high-level phase of the plan at the Bologna Corticella multi-utility treatment plant, which will change overabundance renewable electricity into green hydrogen to be infused into the networks by exploiting purified water and returning oxygen, biogas, and sludge to the water purification process, hence acquiring a mutually beneficial symbiosis between the two plants, with an additional environmental advantage.

In the industrial field, the two organizations will likewise examine the application of hydrogen for thermal uses in the most energy-intensive areas and with processes that are difficult to electrify.

Different choices understudy incorporate the formation of plants to extract green hydrogen from water, utilizing the renewable energy created by the Hera Group's waste-to-energy plants, to add to the decarbonization of industrial areas like the production of fertilizers and fuels.

At last, the LOI licenses possible joint experimentation of infusing a combination of natural gas and hydrogen into a part of Hera's distribution network in Emilia-Romagna, like what Snam has already done on its transmission network.  The gas organization of Modena in Italy lies at the core of this experimentation.

Marco Alverà, Chief Executive Officer of Snam said, "The agreement with Hera is part of the collaboration.” He further added, “Hydrogen will be a decisive element, together with electricity from renewable sources, to enable Europe to become the first continent with net-zero emissions by 2050.”

This agreement is likely dependent upon ensuing authoritative arrangements that the gatherings will characterize inconsistency with the applicable regulatory profiles.


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